Bursary Programs

The Frank J. Donahoe Bursary Fund for Bridgeway Academy

The Frank J. Donahoe Bursary Fund for Bridgeway Academy was established to help reduce the financial hardship. It commemorates the life and works of a Halifax businessman whose life exemplified his love for people especially children. Frank went about his good works quietly and always with a smile. Of the many charitable causes he actively supported, Bridgeway was his favourite.

Initially drawn to Bridgeway because his eldest grandson graduated from the school in 1990, his support continued throughout his life. He played a key role in helping us acquire and renovate our premises at 94 Crichton Avenue in Dartmouth.

When Frank died on April 22, 2002, the Board of Bridgeway Academy established the fund to receive the many donations made to the school in his memory and to acknowledge Frank's enduring commitment and loving support to Bridgeway's students and staff.

Parents may apply for a bursary after they have received a letter accepting their child as a Bridgeway student. The number and amount of bursaries given in any year varies, depending on funds available to the Bursary Committee. Bursary amounts vary depending on the family's financial circumstances and the educational needs of the child, but they are not issued for the full tuition cost.

The amount of the bursary is deducted after the parents' financial commitment has been met. As required by Revenue Canada, Bridgeway issues T4A slips in the name of the student for all bursary amounts. Bursary applications may be sent, in confidence, to the Bursary Committee. The deadline is the end of June for the following academic year. However, applications are accepted throughout the year and applications received after the end of June are reviewed in November.


The Mary Jane Covert Bursary

The Mary Jane Covert Bursary was established by W. Michael S. Covert in memory of his sister who died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) more than 60 years ago. Michael had a very personal experience that positioned Bridgeway high on his list of important causes.

Michael suffered through most of his school years with an undiagnosed learning disability. His parents did their utmost to move him from public to private and residential schools to get him the support he needed in order to excel. Even with that support, he did not graduate from high school. He was extremely fortunate to uncover his strengths in sales and marketing and build a successful career in spite of a rocky start. Most other students at that time were not so lucky.

As a person with a learning disability and a parent, W. Michael S. Covert's dream is that all children achieve their full potential and contribute to society in a meaningful way.

Applications from female students only will be reviewed based on financial need. Applicants must have been accepted to Bridgeway's academic program before being considered. This bursary will be awarded for students enrolled for a September start. Applications for January enrollment will only be considered if there are no successful applications received for a September start date.


Application  Guidelines

  1. Bursary distribution is based on the monies available to the Admission and Review Committee each fiscal year.
  2. Bridgeway Academy will offer bursary opportunities to students who first met the Admissions and Review Committee’s criteria.  A Bursary application will accompany the letter of acceptance from the Admissions and Review Committee.
  3. Bursary amounts vary depending upon the family’s financial circumstances as well as the educational needs of the student. Bursaries will not be issued for 100% of the tuition cost.    
  4. In compliance with Revenue Canada guidelines, T4A slips will be issued in the name of the student receiving the bursary.
  5. All Bursary applications may be sent, in confidence, to the Bursary Committee.  Applications and supporting documents must be received by June 30th in order to be eligible.
  6. The Bursary amount will be deducted after the financial commitment of the parent/guardian has been satisfied.
  7. Please complete and return the enclosed Request for Financial Assistance and the Family Financial Situation form. Include a complete copy of the previous year’s income tax return and a photocopy of all T4's.