After Getting a Diagnosis

By: Lisa Saunders

Getting a diagnosis of any kind for your child can be a scary and unsettling event.  Once the information has a chance to digest, a parent's attention turns to getting their child the help they need.  The same is true when a child is diagnosed with a learning disability or ADHD. 

It is no doubt the case that a child's struggles in the mainstream school system had been apparent up to the point of diagnosis.  Usually, the difficulties a child has in their classroom is the reason a diagnosis is sought out.  In a large, busy classroom where the teacher has multiple children's needs to attend to, it can be a challenge for a child with a learning disability or ADHD to get the skills they need to be successful and happy at school.  So, where do you go for the help your child needs?

Bridgeway Academy is a specialized school that strives to create an environment where children can recapture their self-esteem and feelings of being a successful learner.  As well, Bridgeway puts tools in place designed to help children diagnosed with learning disabilities or ADHD; small class sizes, focused programming designed to meet each child's needs, specific classes teaching skills and a goal to return to the mainstream school system are just a few of the ways Bridgeway can help your child. 

  • Small Class Sizes - Each classroom that hosts a skill-based class has a limit of six children and one teacher.
  • Individualized Programming and Skills-focused Classes - Upon acceptance into Bridgeway's program, an educational plan is put in place for each individual student; remedial and academic goals are set and accomplished through an individualized schedule that starts with a majority of skill-based classes and gradually builds to a full academic program.
  • Return to Mainstream Schooling - The overall goal of a child's program with Bridgeway is for remediation to take place, building of academic skills to see each child return to the mainstream schooling system. 

Throughout a child's time with Bridgeway, we engage the child and their family in discovering the strengths and needs within their unique learning profile.  Getting a diagnosis of a learning disability or ADHD can be a scary thing and part of our job is to educate the student to become their own advocate, while teaching the family about how to support their child's learning during and after their time at Bridgeway.

For more information about Bridgeway Academy and whether or not it may be right for your child, contact us as (902)-465-4800 or toll free at 1-888-435-3232.

Jan 04, 2017