Tuition Support Program

Families may qualify to recieve TSF to help offset the cost of tuition. Each year the Department of Education establishes a base amount of funding available to those who meet eligibility requirements. Families can also apply for supplementary funding which may provide additional support up to a maximum of 90 % of the total tuition cost. For more information visit

  • Diagnosis of ADHD, ASD or other LD by licensed physician or registered psychologist
  • Enrollment in Special Education Private School
  • Previous enrollment in public school system
  • The applicant has previously “received educational programs and services in a public school setting under an individualized program plan (IPP) established in accordance with policies made by the Minister or has documented evidence that the decision has been made through the program planning process to proceed with the development of an individualized program plan.”
  • “The applicant has received confirmation from the designated or registered special education private school that he/she will receive individualized programs and services, in the form of an IPP and/or Adaptations while at the DSEPS/RSEPS”
  • “The applicant has submitted a written rationale explaining how the programs and services to be provided by the designated special education private school will positively affect their academic and behavioral well-being.”

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