Our Program

Bridgeway is an educational facility with locations in Dartmouth, Yarmouth, Stellarton and Truro, Nova Scotia.  Having been designated a special education facility by the Nova Scotia Department of Education, Bridgeway Academy has helped thousands of children understand their learning disabilities and find success in their education.

Our mission at Bridgeway is to teach children with learning disabilities the way they learn.  We have many programs designed to teach skills, provide remediation for students and teach advocacy. Bridgeway’s Social Skills program, approach to meeting behavioural needs and specially designed curriculum, are just a few of the programs tailored to meet our student’s strengths and needs.  Through participation in our program, students learn about their learning disability and how to communicate their unique learning style to others.

Remedial classes are offered in a classroom with a maximum 6:1 student to teacher ratio.  Remedial classes include; Study Skills, Vocabulary/ Comprehension, Writing, SpellRead, Read/Write/Spell Skills, Social Skills, Spelling Skills, Learning Disabilities Awareness and Math Skills.  Student programs are individually tailored to meet each student’s needs.  Through both formal and informal academic assessments, current psycho-educational assessments and information given by school and family, the child’s strengths and needs are identified and scheduled for.  First year students are typically scheduled for 90 % remedial classes; students are re-assessed, using a battery of skill checklists and summative assessments to adjust programming and identify areas of need and success.  Second year students are scheduled for approximately 50 % remediation, increasing the student’s responsibility, independence and curriculum-based classes.  Third year students may take two paths; continued remediation, dependent on their needs, or placement in Bridgeway’s Change-Over Program.

Bridgeway’s program is a transitional program.  The goal is to have students complete remediation and move on to a public school, private school, post-secondary educational facility or a workplace.  Bridgeway is designated to award High School diplomas and offers a four year High School program.