Bridgeway Academy is a registered charity that provides a day school program and outreach programs for students with LD or ADHD. Bridgeway has two locations throughout Nova Scotia; Dartmouth and Truro.  Bridgeway was started by a mom who was frustrated with the education her son with LD was receiving. She felt trapped in a system that didn’t seem to understand him or his needs. She knew he could learn, if only he was taught the way he learned best. She knew parents needed another choice. 

At Bridgeway we understand...

We understand when education meets your child’s best interest learning happens.

We understand when a program is built around your child’s needs they can succeed.

We understand you are the expert on your child and when included the missing piece to learning is discovered.

We understand that a teacher’s job is to equip your child with an educational compass to navigate complicated educational storms so that they become empowered.

We understand your child needs an environment where they feel their differences make them the same.

We understand inclusion only works when an atmosphere of acceptance is created.

We understand a child needs to learn how to create and manage good relationships so that they feel supported.

When education meets understanding your child’s best interests are realized.

Ask us how your child’s best interests can be realized.

Charlie’s Story

"Homework for Charlie and me was the nightmare before bedtime, but a month or two after Charlie had started at Bridgeway the nightmare was over. One night when he was quietly finishing his homework, not once having asked for my help, he looked up and smiled and said, “do you remember this used to make us cry?”. I remembered the bewildered and tired boy “before Bridgeway” and walked back into the kitchen and cried again."

Grant’s Story

"By the end of grade 2, our son Grant could not read and math was a big mystery. Living with Grant’s learning disability was like living in the eye of a hurricane that was wrecking havoc on our family. Grant entered Bridgeway in grade 3. After his third day of school, he jumped into the car and said, “Mom, I LOVE school.” We rejoiced when we received a report card that celebrated his strengths. But more importantly, Grant began to laugh again. And that, in a nutshell, was the greatest gift of all."