Bridgeway has programs suitable for children, parents and professionals seeking to support youth with a variety of learning, organizational, social and behavioural needs. If you cannot find the information you are looking for please Call Angela Rudderham at 902 465 4800 Ext 3 or email angela.rudderham@bridgeway-academy.com

We plan on resuming our social skills workshops, sessions and camps September 2022 @ angela.rudderham@bridgeway-academy.com

Now taking registrations for online individualized tutoring for September 2021 Call 1 (888) 435 3232 to enroll.

Workshops/ Professional Development

As parents and professionals, we always have questions. We are here to share our 30 years of experience gained working with children, students and families, developing their education, skill aquisition and social development. We have created dynamic workshops suitable for educators, social workers, educational assistants, child advocates and parents covering a range of topics such as “Working with Challenging Children” or “Teaching Social Skills”.

Professionals or parent groups often request customized workshops and we are happy to accommodate. Check out our calendar of upcoming workshops, or request a quote today!

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March Break Social Skills Program for Children and Youth

We are aware of how important social skills are to success at school and living a satisfying and fulfilling life. We are also aware that learning disabilities and ADHD impact the acquisition and generalization of these skills. This condensed program mirrors the day social skills program at Bridgeway Academy and has the same goal of developing appropriate social interaction skills. 

Every child learns differently, and we cater to their learning strengths and needs. The lessons consist of visual, auditory, kinesthetic and practical teaching styles combined with fun actives and games that provide practice for these new skills. We also provide home practice suggestions to help generalize lessons to life settings.

Mon- Fri during March Break 9am-12pm

Cost for the program is $240

Available at the following locations:

  • Bridgeway Academy Dartmouth

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Summer Social Skills Program

2021 summer camp has been cancelled!

Bridgeway Academy has been a day school for students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD for over 30 years. We have learned that when there is an interruption in the learning process it’s not just academics that can be impacted. Socializing is also a learned process. These skills need to be taught in the way the child learns best. Our social skills program has been taught to our students over the last ten years with great success. We know taking a skill and breaking it down to its finest point, teaching it through different modalities, providing the opportunity of physical practice through fun activities, instructions to assist the transference of the skill in to daily life are all keys to successful social skill acquisition. We are now providing an opportunity for students who do not attend Bridgeway to access the benefits of this exciting program.

Each week has an over-arching theme that can be broken down into smaller skills. Everyone’s needs are different and each participany will work on the skills that are applicable to them as an individual.

  • July 9,10,11 - Week 1- First impressions – Good eye contact, how posture communicates, approaching others, greetings, introductions, small talk, first conversation subject matter, appearances and hygiene, reading others non-verbal feedback.
  • July 16, 17, 18 - Week 2- Evaluating possible friendships and existing ones. – Understanding how our moods and behaviour influence others, understanding how others moods and behaviour influence us, what are healthy friendships, is there an even exchange of give and take, how to identify friendship stages, how to act at different stages of friendships.
  • July 23, 24, 25 - Week 3- Being a good friend – Healthy interactions, what does a good friend say, how does a good friend act, how to build others up, how to repair damaged friendships, sharing our friends.
  • July 30, 31, Aug 1 - Week 4- Extending invitations – Who may you want to invite to do something, who may want to accept an invitation from you, how do you choose an activity to invite a possible friend to, what to do when your invite is declined.
  • August 6, 7, 8 - Week 5- Communication –  What is non-verbal communication, how does our faces communicate thoughts and feelings, our does our body language convey thoughts and feelings, why are the words we choose important, how our tone changes the meaning of words, passive Vs aggressive styles of communication, the benefits of assertive communication.
  • August 13, 14, 15  - Week 6- Problem solving - Emotional regulation strategies, identifying the problem, brainstorming multiple ways to solve the same problem, predicting possible outcomes of our possible solutions, accessing the solutions and making the best choice.
  • August 27, 28, 29 - Week 7- Avoiding fights – Identifying personal triggers, using positive assertive communication to state our needs and/or opinions, agreeing to disagree, monitoring our reactions, practicing flexible thinking, calming before engaging, when to elicit help from others.
  • August 21, 22, 23 - Week 8- Setting personal boundaries - Identifying how space communicates to others, identifying our comfort zone, how to spot others comfort zone, identifying realistic expectations of others, identifying “deal breakers” in relationships.

Camp times are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 9am-12pm. Cost of program is $145 per week or $998 for the full summer. There are no refunds after June 20th, 2019. 


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Evening Social Skill Programs

We know that learning how to make friends and understanding how to behave in different situations is as important to future success as the academic side of learning. Our Social Skills program has been specifically developed for students who are diagnosed with a non-verbal learning disability and/or ADHD, it can benefit anyone who needs support with communication, behaviour or social interactions.

Students learn in small groups with others who share their strengths, needs and current social/emotional understanding. They have fun while working on self-awareness, awareness of others, social interaction skills, relationship skills, verbal and non-verbal communication, self-management, social thinking and daily life skills. Each session has an overall “umbrella” skill that encompasses many different skills. Each child will be at a different level of skill acquisition. We will be meeting them where they are within each skill set. Information is provided to the parents after each session so that they can look for ways throughout the week to reinforce the skills practiced.

To enroll your child simply download the registration form for social skills programs. Once we receive the application and any additional documentation such as a psychological educational assessment, your child’s name goes on a waiting list. When we have 3-6 children registered who have similar needs and are close in ages you will receive a phone call regarding a start date and time.

The sessions run for 6 week groupings. One hour once a week. The cost is $240 and a onetime $20 registration fee.

Our Social Skills program is offered during summer day camps, during March Break or as an evening program during the school year.

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