We know there are as many as 5000 students with learning disabilities in Nova Scotia. Without the right support, they are at risk of academic failure, mental health complications and social isolation. This will have a long-term impact on their ability to complete post-secondary education, maintain a job and contribute to our provincial economy

Bridgeway Academy is prepared to help. We have the programs to help students with learning disabilities succeed, and we are prepared to bring our schools and outreach programs to any community in our province. But we need the support of key corporate partners and donors to help us ensure that no student in need is turned away.

Join us, and make a difference in the life of a child.
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Big Fundraising Goals

The Bridgeway Bursary Program

No child in need is turned away.

One of the most significant barriers to getting students with learning disabilities the help they need is an inability to pay tuition. As a non-profit organization, Bridgeway Academy provides its services at the lowest possible costs, but still many need financial help. The Bridgeway Bursary Program will provide student bursaries and emergency funding to those most in need to ensure that children are not turned away on the basis of financial need.

Our Goal: To establish a student bursary fund to provide tuition support for families in need. - $1,200,000

Bridgeway's Outreach Programs

Support as many as possible, as soon as possible.

Bridgeway Academy helps many more children and parents than those who attend our schools. Our outreach programs provide academic and social skills support to families and children through summer camps, workshops, after-school and social skill programs. We provide professional development opportunities for professionals who work with students with learning disabilities. Our community programs help raise awareness and advance our understanding of the numerous members of our society who cope with learning disabilities. Contributions to the Outreach Program will provide support to parents and children across Nova Scotia by extending the reach of Bridgeway’s highly successful after-school programs, parenting workshops and the Bridgeway Reading Program.

Our Goal: To provide parents and children throughout Nova Scotia with access to Bridgeway’s Outreach  Programs- $300,000

Psycho-educational Assessment Services

Early intervention and testing to identify appropriate support.

Children need a psycho-educational assessment to determine the presence and nature of a learning disability. That assessment is crucial to designing effective student remediation for both public schools and specially designated schools like Bridgeway. Our government requires that children undergo a psycho-educational assessment before they can qualify for tuition support. Parents often wait years for school board-provided assessments, while their children continue to struggle. Access to private assessments outside of the public system is limited for people without financial resources to pay private psychologists. Through its community outreach initiative, Bridgeway seeks support to build the capacity to provide assessment services not only to Bridgeway students, but to those in need across the province.

Our Goal: To create a Psycho-educational Assessment Centre $300,000

Smaller Fundraising Goals

School furniture $30,000

We want out students to feel pride in their school. We try our best to become a second family at Bridgeway and want our schools to feel like a second home students can be proud of. The average cost of a school desk is approximately $100 for a regular desk, $300 for a standing desk. Our Kinesthetic learners benefit from specialized desks that allow movement that can range from $1000 - $2000.

Text books for classroom $10,000

New editions of textbooks help ensure our students stay up to date and have access to the latest information. Most text books start at around $100 and we currently do not have enough to supply all our students.

Sensory items $10,500

Students who suffer from sensory issues need tools and aides to prevent sensory overload. This can range from headphones, tents to fidgets.

School technology $20,000

Some students rely on technology to achieve desired outcomes in area such as getting their thoughts down on paper or to help them read directions. We also have a need to stay up to date with current teaching technologies such a projectors and computer software.

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