Stages of the Program

Below is an overview of the goals to be accomplished over the course of a student’s years at Bridgeway.  This is an overview and not indicative of a program that would fit all students.

Year 1, Learning Disabilities Program (LDP): goal is to identify and begin to remediate skill deficits, identify avoidance strategies and teach alternatives, build self-esteem, begin teaching about individual’s learning profile and strategies for advocacy

  • Most classes in the student’s schedule are skill based or remedial classes
  • Content classes or curriculum classes are scheduled primarily based on student interest and strengths
  • Behaviourally and socially give students the feeling they belong in an educational facility, they can be successful learners
  • Set up a safe, comfortable learning environment
  • Consistent expectations

Year 2, LDP: goal is to expand academic learning, continue to remediate where needed, begin to transfer accountability for advocacy onto the student

  • Approximate even split of content and skill-based classes within the student’s schedule
  • Applying and transferring skills learned in year 1
  • Raising expectations for students both academically and behaviourally
  • Set up a safe learning environment
  • Consistent expectations

Year 3+: goal is to determine the best course of educational programming for each individual student – change-over programming or continuation of learning disabilities programming

Change-over Program (one year)

  • No scheduled remedial classes (except for Social Skills, should it be required)
  • All academic course load with adaptations provided where required
  • Higher expectation for performance, accountability, advocacy and course work

LDP (continues as required to complete remediation)

  • Appropriate mix of remedial classes and content classes
  • Increase in accountability, advocacy and responsibility
  • Provision of a safe learning environment with consistent expectations